Meeting Room Reservations

Meeting rooms are available for scheduled use by non-profit and other groups and organizations on a per-hour fee-basis. Rooms may be reserved with optional equipment.

Reservations will be accepted on a rolling basis not more than three (3) full months in advance of the program. For example, bookings in January may be made for January through April; in February, bookings may be made for February through May, etc.

To complete a room reservation, follow these procedures to complete a room reservation.

1. Read the user policies: (Meeting Room Use Policies (PDF).
Proceed with the understanding that a room reservation acknowledges acceptance of the policy.

2. Consult the capacities chart: Meeting Room Capacities (PDF).
Some rooms may not be indicated on the chart; please contact the library location of the room if capacity information is not on this chart.

3. Consult the meeting room fees page: Meeting Room Fees (PDF).
Fees are based on your group's tax-exempt status, hourly use, plus equipment. The Library will caculate your fees and contact you before your scheduled meeting. For tax-exempt groups, be prepared to present your tax-exempt form at payment (see below).

4. Make your room reservation request online at the Library calendar.
Login to the Library calendar at the Meeting Room Request page. Displayed is the current month's schedule of meeting rooms available. To request a room, go to the Day View and select the Date, Time, and Room you are interested in scheduling. Click CONTINUE at the bottom of the screen. A "Contact Information" screen will now appear. Complete all informational boxes. Click "Verify Request" to complete your request. Your request goes to our staff for approval.

PAYMENT AND ROOM CONFIRMATION. Within one week of requesting your reservation, you must present your payment to the library staff at the location where your room or area is to be reserved. A tax-exempt not-for-profit organization must also present a copy of its tax-exempt form at the time of making payment. Your request will then be reviewed and you will be notified by our staff of approval.

If you need assistance or additional information, please call the library offering the meeting room. For contact information, see list of library locations.