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Library Value Calculator

How valuable are library services to you?
Now you can quantify this value using the library services calculator.

HOW TO USE: In the first column, input a quantity of items borrowed, programs attended, services used, etc., based on your personal usage (monthly is recommended).

Press the TAB key to calculate the value of the service in the third column. Note that the calculator will total the results as you add them. Then press the TAB key to move to the next item. Most users will not need to click on the "Calculate" button at the bottom of the form to view their total value.

We'd love to hear from you about the value of library services. Tell us your results and leave a comment!

How valuable is your library: Value of Library Services
Input Your Library Use Library Service Value of

The library calculator is adapted from the State Library and Archives of Florida.
Values are based on 2007 figures from the State Library.