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4. Fines & payments

Fines are incurred when materials are returned past date due.
Fines continue to be assessed daily up to the maximum fine indicated for the material.
When fines reach $10, your library card is inactivated.

If items are not returned within 28 days of due date, the item is considered lost.
If items are returned in unusable condition, the item is considered damaged.
Lost and damaged items incur a replacement cost plus a non-refundable processing fee of $3 except for PBK paperbacks, for which fee is $.50.
If replacement cost is paid for a lost item and the item is returned within 60 days with receipt, the replacement cost will be reimbursed.

per day
Book $.25 $10 actual cost or $20 default
Children's book $.10 $5 actual cost or $20 default
Best Seller, High Demand $.25 $10 actual cost or $20 default
Paperback (PBK) $.10 $3 actual cost or $3 default
Paperback (PBK):
Children's & YA
$.10 $3 actual cost or $3 default
Audiobook $.25 $10 actual cost or $10 default
Music CD $.25 $10 actual cost or $5 default
Software CD $.25 $10 actual cost or $20 default
Children's audiobook $.10 $5 actual cost or $10 default
Children's music CD $.10 $5 actual cost or $10 default
Children's software CD $.10 $5 actual cost or $10 default
Videos (DVD) $1 $10 actual cost or $20 default
Periodicals, non-current* $.25 $5 cover price
Periodicals, non-current
 - Children's/YA*
$.10 $5 cover price
(by request only)
$1/hour $25 actual or $20 default
State Library films $1 $25 set by State Library
($125 to $1,500)

* some locations only.

Internet computer usage without library card $5 for 30 minutes
Laser printouts or photocopies $0.10 per page
microform printouts $0.25 per page
Lost or damaged library card replacement $1
Damaged book covers, media containers $1
Replacement processing fee for lost/damaged items $3 per item; $0.50 for PBK paperbacks
Maximum fine before library service is denied $10
Non-resident library card $10 per month, or $50 per 6 months, or $100 per 12 months