Policies for cardholders: Inter-library Loan

Books and journal articles not owned by the Collier County Public Library system may be borrowed from other libraries across the state of Florida and the country.

Note that the Library regularly purchases popular fiction and non-fiction. Before initiating an interlibrary loan request, please check the catalog for books. For articles, please check our magazine holdings list and electronic databases for full-text articles, or request staff assistance in doing so.

The Library does not borrow reference, audio, video, mass-market fiction, or current bestsellers. The Library does not queue requests for forthcoming unpublished books or requests exceeding the limit of five (5) described below under POLICIES. Priority is given to materials available for borrowing from Florida libraries.

You must hold a Collier County Public Library card in good standing in order to use interlibrary loan services.

After you have accepted this policy, you will be redirected to our ILL online request form. Complete all bibliographic information on the form. You can acquire standard bibliographic information about your requested book or article from a citation or an on-line source. The Library recommends WorldCat.

Incomplete forms may be delayed or discarded. If you are unable to find sufficient bibliographic information about your requested item, please consult a librarian.

The Library will identify potential lending libraries for your item, with priority to Florida lenders. Turnaround time depends on a variety of factors, including availability and lender workflow. Due to the volume of requests received by the Library, you will not receive notice of unfilled requests.

You will receive two notifications of availability of your requested item. The first notification (via My Account) indicates that your item has been received in our central ILL facility. Please await the second notification. The second notification (via telephone by our staff) notifies you that the item is received and available at your pick-up location.

The following ILL policies must be accepted in order to complete an ILL request:

The Library does not borrow reference or audio-visual materials (such as audiobooks, compact discs or videos).

Telephone or written ILL requests cannot be accepted; all transactions are on-line using the request form on our web site. Consult a librarian if assistance is needed.

Patrons must have a current library card. Seasonal patrons should clearly indicate the date after which requested material is not needed (included on the on-line request form).

Patrons are limited to five active requests/outstanding transactions at one time. Submissions in excess of five will be deleted.

Books received via inter-library loan are circulated to you on your valid library card. Due dates are clearly indicated on the book. Fines and fees policies apply for overdue materials.

All associated paperwork/labels accompanying borrowed material must be retained and returned. Users incur a $2.50 processing fee per item for which paperwork or labels are not returned.

Renewals of ILL materials must be made in person at the library where the item was checked out, with the book and its associated paperwork, at least two days prior to the due date. Renewals by telephone are not accepted. NOTE: Self-renewals to your account do not register with our lenders and are therefore not valid for renewal purposes.

Interlibrary loan materials must be returned on time; repeated overdues affect our relations with lending libraries and may result in patron loss of library card privileges.